P2P is a blog made by literature freaks, for literature freaks. We will be posting book reviews, short stories, long stories–In short, anything that has to do with books. We might even post some crafty stuff, movie reviews, or random articles once in a while–Check on us daily to see what we add!


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  1. I would like to say how much P2P means to me. When I’m feeling bored or sad, I check my email and whenever it says “Pencils to Paper {New post}” my heart just fills up with joy that you guys are working so hard to make this blog AWESOME. I find it to be a very successful blog and it makes me feel really happy. Recently I am/have been going through a period of depression and nothing pulls me out of the darkness like a good book. I’ve put all these on my library wishlist, and I hope you continue to share the love of reading for those like me who need and love it.

    • Glad to help others with our love of reading!
      Since you like the blog so much, would you be interested in doing one (or two) (or three) book reviews? We’d love to publish them!
      ~ Ash

    • I’m glad that this blog helps people, especially getting out of depressions. Getting out of depressions is good. I’m so happy that all of this work goes to good use! Thank you so much, mochi, for continuing to read P2P and helping us spread the love of reading.
      Xo, Ginger
      P.S. Yes, mochi, please do book reviews! (Especially since that story you sent us was so dang good…)

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