Where I Belong by Gillian Cross


Hi everyone! Ash here. I just finished reading Where I Belong, by Gillian Cross, and thought I’d write my post right away, when I still have my frustrations clear in my mine.

This book gets 5 pens for a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s confusing. Although the characters’ names and personalities are all described on the inside cover of the book, it doesn’t mention anything about how the narrator changes throughout the story. For the first couple of chapters, I thought that it was all one character, and that the names of the characters at the beginning of the chapter were the chapter titles. I know, I could have been a bit more observant, since I’ve read many books where the narrator switches around, but at least those other books mention something about the changing narration!
Like I said, there were a couple of reasons I bumped this book down three pens from your average good-read book rating, which is eight pens. The second reason was that I guessed who was betraying Khadija from the very beginning. I don’t know, maybe I’m just an amazing book reviewing that I always know who the real bad guys are, but I seem to have this problem with many books. Maybe the author thinks, it needs more and more foreshadowing! This isn’t enough! or maybe the character just wasn’t developed enough. Whatever the case, I knew the bad guy from the beginning, and that just made it a bit boring.

That said, it’s not that bad of a book, and if you have some spare time, feel free to read it! It has a great plot line! The characters are just a little too easy to understand.

Now, here for the review:

Where I Belong is a book that is constantly switching narration between the main characters. Khadija, who lives in London, is thousands away from her brother Mahmoud, who lives in Somalia. Yet Khadija holds–or rather, will soon hold–the key to hid life. Someone (this is what I mentioned before about knowing the main bad guy) has kidnapped her brother and is holding him for ransom. Then there’s Abdi, a 14-year old boy coming to terms with the loss of his father, and Freya, the “totally unfashionable” daughter of Sandy Dexter.

Sandy Dexter is a famous fashion designer, and she wants Khadija to be the mysterious Qarsoon: The Hidden One. This is why her brother Mahmoud is kidnapped for ransom, and it’s the person behind the kidnappers who should really be less obvious.


Hope you like! Well, not really. I wouldn’t read this book again.

~ Nik


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