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Kindle App


Hi all!  I can’t wait to share this spectacular app with you, as it is great for reading whenever, wherever, you want!  Okay, I know Ash said that this wasn’t gonna be reviewed, but she’s been bugging me for a review, so I thought of this!  (And maybe, just maybe, I wanted to do this review just to prove Ash wrong… hehe)

This app is awesome for reading.  You can read wherever you want.  I actually used this app to finish a book while in a tree just a few days ago.  Also, you can use this app whenever you want, because it never crashes and saves where you’re reading (like a virtual bookmark!)  Also, this app is free, so you can save your money for something else.  Well, it’s free, assuming you have a Kindle and have books on it, as it can be “connected” to your Kindle.  I don’t have a Kindle, ‘cuz I have a Nook, but I use the Kindle app on both my phone and iPad.  Now, since I don’t have a Kindle, I just made an Amazon account and downloaded free books, along with some from my local public library system.  In this way, it can be used similarly to Overdrive, so if you’re comfortable with that app, give this one a try!  (Actually, they’re different, but I like to have both- if a book is available for Overdrive and not for Kindle, or vice versa, I can still read it!)

Anyways, I think all you avid readers should get this app, because it is a great tool for reading all of the awesome books in this world!


-Ginger 🙂

Age recommendation: anyone!  There’s books for all ages available!

What I’m reading: Nothing, currently!  Crazy, right? :O


Nook App


Hi everyone! Ash here. This app is pretty handy if you’re on a road trip and you’re not the one driving. (We strongly discourage reading while you drive. Reading while you drive can have serious consequences.) Then again, you could just bring your Nook, but what if you don’t want to? Or, what if you did bring your Nook, but it’s out of battery? (Truly a horror!) This free app is pretty great. Any book you have bought on your Barnes and Noble account that you want to read can be downloaded to this app, and you can read it, just like that. (Let it be noted that an internet connection is needed for both downloading the app and downloading the book.)

Read what you want, when you want!
Sounds good, huh?
I sure like it!

Personally, I really enjoyed this app because there are some places I’d rather not take my e-reader. I’m a really forgetful person, and I sometimes have to call my cell phone with the home phone to figure out where my cell phone is (in the house).

This is a great app for many reasons. First of all, when you read a book on your phone using the app, the page numbers stay the same as on the Nook. Sure, page 15 might consist of two “pages” on the nook and five “pages” on the phone, but you never have to do complicated math to figure out how many pages you read if  p = n(3.549) or something crazy like that. (Of course, that’s just a random equation I made up. If you’re really a math geek, go ahead and figure out the equation, then comment below and we’ll test it out. If it works, you get the best thing ever: a free Nook app. 😉 )

Another reason I liked this app was that it was easy to use. Some apps have complicated sign-ins, random buttons, crazy messages that pop up… This app has none of that. It was simple and easy to sign in, which you only have to do once. There are no random buttons, which is a relief. No crazy messages pop up anywhere.

Anyways, this is a great app, but it may not be for all you die-hard Kindle lovers. Those of you who are may be hoping I’m going to write a review about the Kindle app–unfortunately for you, I’m not. But if you love the Amazon Kindle (or any other e-reader) so much, feel free to mail in a review.

Hope you like!

~ Ash

Crewel by Gennifer Albin


I don’t know what to say about this book!
That’s a good thing, I guess, because I know that I might be in love with this book.
Crewel centers around a questionable world in which spinsters weave a huge cloth, containing the threads of life, or as I liked to call them, the “threads of humanity”.  The spinsters work their butts off, gifted with an extraordinary talent for weaving.  All 16 years of her life, Adelice Lewis has been taught to stay away from weaving, but when the time comes for her testing day, nothing can hold her back.  Adelice spins for the first time, is taken the next night, and her family is captured.  Her life hangs in shreds around her.  The poor girl has to deal with changes as they are thrown to her, leading up to a forbidden romance and the ultimate twist.

The most amazing rainbowey book cover in the universe

I would give this book 8/10 pens, the “good book” rating.  The plot line intrigued me, (I mean, seriously, a girl who weaves other people’s lives?) yet the writing was bland at parts.  I owuld recommend you read this book, as it is a great book and definitely worth reading again.

Rating: 8/10 pens

Age recommendation: 12+, for mature themes, such as death


What I’m reading: Bad Unicorn by Platte F. Clark