Ripple by Mandy Hubbard


Ripple is a fantasy novel about a girl named Lexi who is cursed with something unusual. She is a siren, a female tied to the water, singing as she swims every night. Her song lures men into the water and drowns them, as she did with Stephen, the one person she loved. Then, when Lexi meets Erik, things start to change. Erik is a nix, a male version of a siren, except for one thing; nixes force the women underwater and drown them with their hands. The only way to break their curses is if Lexi and Erik fall in love before Erik’s 18th birthday.

I really enjoyed this book, as it was well written, the plot was good, and it definitely has a major twist that I wasn’t expecting. There are lots of kissing scenes in this book, though, too many for me, so that’s part of the reason I knocked it down a few pens. But don’t be scared off; this book is mostly appropriate.
Rating: 8/10 pens
Age suggestion: 13+

What I’m reading: iBoy by Kevin Brooks
Review to come soon!


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