Pickle by Kim Baker


Happy April Fools’ Day, everyone! Ash here, with a 7-pen book perfect for today.

This book, Pickle, is about “The (Formerly) Anonymous Prank Club of Fountain Point Middle School.” (book cover)

The name is a little odd, but it makes sense once you know the “official” name of their club: The League of Pickle Makers. Ben, the main character, he began it all by sneaking in one night and filling homeroom with stinky ball-pit balls. Frank, a member, realized that if they became an official club (think: a pickle-making club) could receive funding from the PTA. Oliver, a member, who once convinced half the class that his real parents had found him… and he was going to live in a submarine! Bean wasn’t officially invited to be a member, but her parents own a costume shop. (Think: dressing up as a giant squirrel and scaring people at the zoo.)

Together they form, as the back cover brilliantly puts it, they form “and unstoppable prank-pulling force,” and Fountain Point Middle School with never be the same. How can it be, when The League of Pickle Makers is involved?

Hope you like!

~ Ash


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