Numbers by Rachel Ward


Hi everyone! Ash here, with a great 8-pens read. Although the cover picture looks a little odd–who wants to read a book about creepy eyeballs?–I assure you, don’t judge this one by its cover.

Numbers is a wonderful tale centered around a someone creepy “What if?” I mean, I’ll bet you all have those once in a while. This one will top all of the creepy ones. Wanna hear it? Here goes: What if, whenever you looked into someones eyes, you could see a number: the date of their death? That’s exactly what afflicts poor Jem, and she can’t tell anyone. What would you do if someone told you when you would die? Off to the hospital, right? Jem knows she’s not crazy, and she knows it’s true, because she predicted the deaths of her parents and is not living as a foster child. With such an awful awareness–what would you do if you saw the death of everyone, just by looking in their eyes?–Jem avoids talking to people, keeping her head down and eyes away from the numbers. Then she meets Spider, another outsider, and takes a chance. Jem has never gone on the London Eye, and she and Spider are prepared to do just that. However, Jem is terrified to see that all the eyes of the people in line flash the same number. Today’s number, today’s date–Jem has never seen this many numbers that match up. Is it terrorists? Is it war? All she knows is that she has to run for her life–and her newfound friend Spider’s.

Hope you like! I’m currently reading the third book of the trilogy, 1nf1n1ty (Infinity), which is an Advance Reading Copy at the moment. Let me tell you in advance–you’re going to want to read the rest of the trilogy.

~ Ash


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