The Gift by James Patterson


Hey guys!
Ash and I have both been sick, which gave me a big sliver of time to finish my books, one of the Maximum Ride books (which I will post on later) and The Gift, both of which are by James Patterson. Mr. Patterson happens to be one of my favorite authors, mostly for the artfully written Maximum Ride series, so naturally I was super eager to read this book. I thought it looked great when I picked it up off the shelf, but I didn’t know that it’s the second book in a series. šŸ™‚ Actually, I wasn’t that confused; there was a nice little recap woven into the beginning. So naturally, I’m giving this book a 9.7. Yes. You saw that right. A 9.7.
Wisty and Whit already have huge targets on their backs after defying the New Order in a series of events that included the capturing of their parents and Whit’s crush, Celia. The twins must escape the N.O. and rescue their parents without being killed by an old friend turned enemy and his band of evil mutations. This was one of the best books I’ve ever read. The writing was perfect, and the plot was spot-on. I think all of you have to read this series! It will leave you wanting more.


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