Guest Review by Mochi: Drizzle by Katherine Van Cleve


Eleven year old Polly Peabody knows she lives in the most heavenly place in the world. Just look at her family’s farm- diamonds sprout from the ground, the rhubarb tastes like chocolate, and every Monday at exactly one o’clock, it rains. The rain is the driving force that helps their farm keep growing and being the magical place it is. But Polly starts to get strange symbols from the creatures on her family’s land, and soon, everything changes. The rain stops altogether, and the rhubarbs begin to wilt. Her brother, Freddy, becomes a living ghost from his mysterious illness, for which doctors have no diagnosis or cure. Something, or someone, is working very hard to destroy the life she knows and loves. Polly must be the brave girl that hides deep within her to save the farm and her friends, even if it means standing up to bullies, visiting a heavily haunted house, or leaving the ones she loved to discover a hidden destiny.

I would rate this book 8.35 pens. The writing was incredible and often clutched at my heart, but the action was often anti-climactic. However, much of the action went on inside emotions and heads, and it made for a very interesting and moving read.



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