Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card


Definitely 10 pens.

This book may just be the best, awesomest, coolest sci-fi book I’ve ever read.


It’s about a 6- year old genius who is selected to go to battle school, a place where boys and girls train to fight the buggers, who are trying to take out the overpopulated human race.  Ender finds himself winning every battle with his team.

Ender must face challenges, such as bullies, while dealing with the stress of the fate of the human race on his shoulders and his shoulders alone.

I can’t tell you any more, because this book has an ending so great you’ll be staying up until you can’t hold your eyelids open any more.

Sorry I haven’t reviewed in a while!  More coming though!

XOXO, Ginger


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  1. I love that book, too! I know we’re getting stricter, but even so, it’s definitely 10 pens! For all you “I don’t like sci-fi” people, I’m sort of one of you, but it’s not completely sci-fi. Oh, and just a warning to everyone who’s going out and reading it: IT’S A REALLY, REALLY GOOD BOOK. Like, one of those books that keep you up all night. (I mean, I was finished with it in a day, but if I wasn’t, I definitely would’ve stayed up all night. 🙂 )

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