Hotel Transylvania


Hi everyone! Ash here. I just watched Hotel Transylvania, and it was very entertaining. Out of pens, this movie is 9 pens.


For those of you who don’t know, Hotel Transylvania is an animated movie about a hotel for monsters, owned by Dracula himself.  When all of the monsters come to the hotel for the 118th birthday party of Mavis, Dracula’s daughter, everything is going fine until Dracula admits he has to keep his promise to let Mavis see more of the world. Mavis promises to only go to the close village, and that’s what she does. Dracula wants Mavis to stay safe from all of us nasty, monster-killing humans, and so he stages a setup, making his zombies into villagers who rush at Mavis with torches. Mavis runs off, and promises that she will never go out into the world again. However, the torches are sited by a hiker, and after the hiker takes a few wrong turns he ends up at Hotel Transylvania. The plot is really interesting, and the characters are hilarious. Some of my favorites were the Werewolf and his huge family, the mummy, and Mavis herself.


Hope you like!


~ Ash


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