Blackbringer by Laini Taylor


  Blackbringer, by Laini Taylor, is a 9 pen book worthy of rereading. It stars a small faerie, Magpie,
who many animals blessed at birth. When ‘Pie was a little sprout, she unknowingly followed rooster
prints and captured a devil. Now, she has captured 23, and is all geared up for devil number 24–
that is, until that devil turns out to be the Blackbringer.

Tales of the Blackbringer have haunted little faeries for as long as anyone can remember, and
nobody has ever seen the creature before, until now.

Devouring people without a sign of stuggle, leaving no stench or tracks; these things are what
intimidate Magpie the most about the Blackbringer. Then, when the Blackbringer extinguishes a
sleeping Djinn: Magpie has to find this monstrosity and slay it before it kills more Djinn, or the world may begin to unravel. And if Magpie can hardly hope to defeat this monster, how can she hope to save the poor souls trapped inside it?

This book is amazing, and although the cover looks awfully cheesy, it’s what’s inside that counts.

Hope you like!

~ Ash


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      ~ Ash

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