Goose Girl by Shannon Hale


Goose Girl, by Shannon Hale

Hi everyone! Ash here. I’ve got an amazing new book for you.

I’m giving this book 10 full pens, and once you’ll read it, you’ll want to give it more.

Goose Girl, by Shannon Hale, is an intriguing fantasy about a girl who was born with a word on her tongue and her eyes closed.

That girl, known to her friends as Ani, is the Crown Princess Anidori-Kilandra Talianna Isilee of Kildenree, a small kingdom with more powerful neighbors. As  a young girl, Ani bonds with her aunt, who tells her strange tales of three gifts special people may have: people-speaking (the power to manipulate people and persuade them in your favor), animal-speaking (the ability to communicate primarily with animals, using their sounds) and nature-speaking (the ability to communicate with certain elements of nature, which the aunt assures her is very rare.) The aunt herself has the gift of animal-speaking.

After the aunt dies, Ani’s mother forbids her from using her gift of animal-speaking, as people will not want someone that different on the throne, but Ani escapes the watchful eye of her guards to speak to the swans. Her mother soon catches on to Ani’s disappearing act, though, and confines Ani to the palace, where Ani slowly forgets the language of the swans.

Suddenly, Ani’s beloved father passes away. Soon after the mourning, Ani’s mother informs her that she has arranged a marriage with the neighboring country Bayern. Ani will have to travel the long road, and the journey will take weeks. During those weeks, something sudden and unexpected happens, causing Ani to lose some friends and gain lots more. The plot line is really amazing, and this book is a must-read.

Hope you like!

~ Ash


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  1. Hi everyone! A little while ago, this post was published, yet the website glitched and it didn’t publish all of it. I’ve updated it now, so, hope you like!
    ~ Ash

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