Mirage by Jenn Reese

Hey! Calico here!
Mirage by Jenn Reese
I am reviewing the book Mirage by Jenn Reese. It is the sequel to Above World, which Ginger reviewed. In this book, 4 teens are traveling through the desert to find the City of Equians (Centaurs). When they find it they realize it has been overrun by a clone of Fathom. It’s up to them to compete in the time trials and win back the city. Their lives literally depend on it!!! Though this book is full of action and drama, it touches your heart with the true meaning of family, not the family you are born with, but the family you choose. I give this book 9.6 pens.
– Calico

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  1. Hey Calico! Didn’t know you got Advance Reading Copies, too! 🙂
    I read this book, and it is amazingly amazing. Totally, awesomely amazingly amazing. Just as good as, maybe even better than, book one!

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