Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson


Hi everyone! Ash here. Although I’ve not finished, this is one of the best books that I have ever read! The plot like keeps changing, and I’ll think I understand a character and then they will do something totally unexpected. On the cover of the book I have, it says, “Highly recommended!” (Robin Hobb), and I definitely agree!

The whole idea of the book is a masterpiece upon itself, and the idea centers around special people called “Mistborns,” people who can use all of the Allomatic metals. The young girl, Vin, is one of these. Vin is a thief, taught to trust nobody by her brother, who had to leave her, betray her, in order to install that certain fear in her. Now, years later, that fear has stuck, and Vin stays alive the only way she can–by making herself valuable. Her crew leader takes her along as a good-luck charm, and Vin hopes that’s all he thinks. In reality, Vin is a Mistborn and half Skaa. She isn’t even supposed to exist, yet her luck holds until one day, when Kelsier, the Survivor of the Pits, comes along and reports that the crew is being tailed. Then, he shows Vin how much power she really has, and she sticks around to learn it. Suddenly, she and Kelsier’s new, Allomatic crew who each share one of his powers are thrust into a conflict–they have the will to overthrow the Lord Ruler, the “sliver of infinity,” but are there enough wits to do it?

Hope you like!

~ Ash


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