Another Excerpt from FSW1!


Hey guys-

I’m being lazy again today, not having finished any books yet… but I have an excerpt from FSW for you!  This is the very first part, the first paragraphs of the first chapter.  Written by me!


“Mother!  You said you would be ready an hour ago!” I scream at her from the bottom of the grand staircase.
“Miss Worth!  It is unladylike to yell,” my tutor and mentor, Elsa, scolds me.  I turn around so that my back’s to her, and roll my eyes in a way I doubt she, or my mom, would approve of.  They expect perfection.  As if.  I mean, I try, but it’s impossible.

As I’m busy thinking up ways to be the most perfect I can, you know, without being a snob, my mother, Jocelyn Worth, comes down the staircase, wearing a horrendous red gown that is supposed to accentuate her unhealthily skinny waist. It succeeds, and I look at it all in disgust.

“Savannah, are you ready?”  she asks, oblivious to my venomous glares.
“ I’ve been ready for about three hours,” I say dramatically.  “I felt this dress would be proper for this occasion.” I am wearing my new aqua blue gown, tailored to my waist this morning after my first Thinning Procedure yesterday.  With it I pair a small tiara made of pure silver, very rare since it all disappeared, and I sport a pair of pure white lace elbow-length gloves.  I twirl in all of it so that Mom sees how pretty I look, for real.
“Sure, it’s fine.  We just have to go.  We can’t be late again!” Then, she turns sharply and walks out the double doors, being careful not to hike up her dress above her ankles.



Thanks!  I hope you like it!  This section has gone through more revisions than I can count, as I was a somewhat bad writer when we first started this story.





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