Excerpt from FSW


Here’s an excerpt from my chapter of FSW-

“What!?” I exclaim.  “She did WHAT!?”

“Andy peeled his creepy silver mask off and he took Willow and Flo somewhere.  She told me to stay here.”

“And Kobe, you haven’t thought to follow her until now?  She could be dead ten times over by now!”

“Well, geez, it’s just that her plans seem to work and yours… well… don’t.”

I purse my lips and turn my back to him to come face-to-face with Brian.  “Hey, Brian, do you think my plans always fail?”

He shrugs, but that’s all the answer I need.  Scoffing, I whirl back around.  “I’m going to follow her, no matter what.  You guys can be wimps or men.  I don’t really care.”

It’s amazing how guys will follow your every command if their masculinity is in question.





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