The Name of this Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch


Hi everyone! Ash here. The title of this post is already too long, but I was intending to put also known as Raphael Simon right after the pen name. (See? Pen names are all the rage!) The book The Name of this Book is Secret (ack! what a mouthful!) is really good, and has an air of mystery about it. When you read it, you feel like you’re right there along with the author as he writes about Cass and Max-Ernest. I’m giving this book 5 pencils, and here’s why:

     First of all, I love this author’s writing style. Like I said, it feels like you’re right there along with him as he writes about Cass and Max-Ernest. (Not to mention: All of the names in this book are supposedly fake names. Then again, this book is supposedly non-fiction. Still: I love the pen name addiction!) It seems like, since all the names are fake, you wouldn’t become attached to the characters. Why, in the beginning, the author even writes that “if you don’t like a name I choose, change it.” That said, I’m pretty sure that most people would find it a hassle to go through the book with a red pen, crossing out every single “Cass” and writing “Amy.” Okay, now I’m just being a blabbermouth: stick with me here! Second of all, I love the plot. It never even gives away why all these people are wearing gloves and kidnapping synesthetic people. (Don’t know what it means? Look it up on Third, I love how the author seems to sympathize with you when something upsetting happens: For example, when Cass and Max-Ernest have an argument, the author might say, “Oh, I wish I could tell you it was all right, but I can’t,” except in a much more eloquent way. So out of the five pencils, 3 were earned for the author’s style, and 2 were earned for the plot. It’s just so unique, so different from what I usually read! I would explain, in lengthy detail, the plot, but I’d be certain to ruin it for you.

Hope you like!

~ Ash


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