Above World by Jenn Reese



Oh my gosh, I love this book!

I first learned about it from a friend (not Ash), who read it and was addicted.  And now that I’m reading it, I am addicted too!

The world is underwater.  The people are half-fish, half-human things, like mermaids but not really.  The people, called Coral Kampii, have certain traditions, like when you turn 13 you get to become a full member of the society.  But Aluna, a girl about to get her “membership”, discovers a friend dead, and she decides that she needs to get out of the society, because the technology that lets the Kampii breathe underwater is failing.  So she journeys to the dreaded “Above World”, aka land.

It’s really good so far (I haven’t finished it yet.. oopsies), and I would encourage everyone to read it.  The author’s style is perfect for my taste, so descriptive, and- I don’t know how else to describe it- juicy.  I just want to eat this book right up!  Metaphorically, of course.  But anyways, you HAVE to read it!

I give this book 4.73 pencils so far… because it’s so dang JUICY!


XO,   G


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  1. Hi everyone! Ash here. I started reading this book at 11:30 today, and am already halfway through. Like Ginger said, this book is amazing! If I was gonna rate it, which I am, I’d give it 9.7 pens! If I’m ever bored, I will definitely reread this book!
    Hope you like!
    ~ Ash

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