Uglies by Scott Westerfeld


Hi everyone, Ash here. Have you read Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld? It’s an amazing book about a somewhat dystopian society, set after Rusties (old, evil humans like us) destroy themselves and a new world is created inside carefully marked boundaries: When you turn 16, you are made a Pretty, which means you can leave your boring past in Uglyville and start your dramatic future as a new Pretty, going to parties every night and getting free everything, from outfits to food to fun.


Being a Pretty is all Tally has ever wanted, so when her newly discovered best friend Shay runs away, Tally couldn’t care less–until Special Circumstances shows up and tells her that if she wants to be Pretty, she has to betray Shay. Tally sets off to do it, and is ready to betray Shay when she discovers a terrible secret about being Pretty and has to argue with herself. Do the benefits of being pretty outweigh the benefits of being free?

Hope you like!

~ Ash


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